Workshop on the Use of SDMX for MDG Data Reporting

Amman , Jordan , 10-13 July 2011


Meeting Documents
   Final Report
Session 1: SDMX Introduction
Session 2: Introducing the Scope of SDMX
Session 3: SDMX and Data
Session 4: Creating DSD
Session 5: Category Scheme and Dataflow
Session 6: Data Formats
Session 6A: Introduction to XML
Session 7: Constraints
Session 8: Web Services: SDMX REST Interface
Session 9A: Reporting Scenarios
Session 9: SDMX Registry: Registration of a Data Set
Session 10: Reference Metadata and Metadata Structure Definition
Session 11: Hierarchical Code List and Statistical Classification
Session 12: General Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM)
Session 13: Structure Map
Session 14: Metadata Repository
Session 15: Role in the Statistical Lifecycle and Relationship with DDI (Data Documentation Initiative)
Session 16: SDMX and a Re-usable Component Architecture

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