Millennium Development Indicators: Country and Regional Progress Snapshots

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Progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) can be tracked using the MDG framework, formed by 21 targets and 60 official indicators which measure extreme poverty and hunger, education, women's empowerment and gender equality, health, environmental sustainability and global partnerships for development.

The MDG Country Progress Snapshots provide a summary overview of the progress achieved since 1990 on the Millennium Development Goals at the country level. The Regional Progress Charts summarize countries' performance in each of the regions. Progress is assessed on the basis of data available for selected indicators as of July 2015.

The analysis is undertaken by the by United Nations Statistics Division using methodologies developed in collaboration with the Inter-agency and Expert Group on MDG Indicators. The data used are stored in the MDG global database (

Note: New data for Goal 4 and Goal 5 will be available soon, and the snapshots will be updated accordingly.

Country Progress Snapshot

Regional Progress Snapshot

The technical note on the progress level can be found here.

Download all country and regional snapshots.

Download the list of the official MDG Regional Groupings and their corresponding countries.


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